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Resellers are the foundation of our business   

Since 1999, Toughmate accessories have been distributed exclusively through Panasonic resellers. We pride ourselves on helping you, the reseller community, be best prepared to accessorize your Toughbook and Toughpad sales with Toughmate.

Since InfoCase is exclusively a business-to-business organization, Resellers serve as a critical link to the ultimate end users of Toughmate accessories. To protect our Resellers, our products are not available at retail. We also never sell direct. That means we never compete with you for your share of the market. Resellers always have a strong local, regional or, even national presence, so we highly value the resellers that take a proactive approach with our solutions oriented product line.

We are your support staff to educate and consult with end users and decision makers about how our product can make a difference in their technology initiative. Our expertise extends past our products, so we can provide additional support for the overall package solution; hardware and all.

By working hard to support your efforts via coaching and consulting your staff, we assist you in determining the best approach to win business.

We’ve found that using our product as a crucial component of the initial bundle proposal rather than a late add-on helps Resellers differentiate themselves in the eyes of their clients and win big.

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If you are looking to purchase Toughmate products for your use, the links below for products in North America or products in Europe.

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