Toughmate FZ-Q2 KV Mobility Bundle

Sanitizable Handle and shoulder strap for the TOUGHBOOK FZ-Q2. Also fits the TOUGHBOOK FZ-Q1, TOUGHBOOK CF-20 and TOUGHBOOK FZ-A2.

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The Toughmate FZ-Q2 KV Mobility Bundle is designed to make using your TOUGHBOOK FZ-Q2 easier and more convenient.

The KV Mobility Bundle comes complete with a removable handle and ergonomic should strap. You can carry your device comfortably, while allowing easy access to all features, ports and cameras.

Fits the TOUGHBOOK FZ-Q2 and TOUGHBOOK FZ-Q1, and is compatible with the TOUGHBOOK CF-20 and TOUGHBOOK FZ-A2.

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Nylon and PE

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Shoulder strap / handle