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Meet the Design/Marketing Team

Who exactly are we?

Companies are made of people, and the hard work we all put in every day is what makes our organization great. In order to give you a better idea as to who you work with every day (and put a face with the name), we interviewed the team and below are their responses.

  Steve Gibson
Senior Vice

Star Sign- Scorpio

My life summarized as a tweet-  Flawed but forgiven, Blessed in MANY ways…

Favorite Quote- “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do”  John Wooden

Hobbies- Cycling, Water sports, Family time, Red wine.

I want you to know- You seldom get what you do not ask for…

What I do during the day- Day job: Business Development, Strategic Relationships, Marketing

What I used to do- Be a WILD and CRAZY Guy!

Find me online- linkedIn