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Meet the Operations Team

Who exactly are we?

Companies are made of people, and the hard work we all put in every day is what makes our organization great. In order to give you a better idea as to who you work with every day (and put a face with the name), we interviewed the team and below are their responses.

Mark Brunner
Director of

Star Sign- Aries

My life summarized as a tweet- Work hard, Play hard #Ineedababysitter #sleepwhatissleep

Favorite Quote- "Don't Panic"

Hobbies- Five kids are my hobbies

I want you to know- I've been a local sports fan for over 40 years, both Reds and Bengals.

What I do during the day- Supply Chain Management & Global Logistics since 2004.

What I used to do- 25+ years of Quick Printing, Logistics and Manufacturing for InfoCase and Fedex Kinko's.

Find me online- LinkedIn

Jan Freedman

Star Sign- -Redacted by autobiographer-

My life summarized as a tweet- With Christ all things are possible.

Favorite Quote- See above

Hobbies- My Family: Married 28 years to Steve, 4 children, 7 grandchildren.

My Interests: Bible Study, Following God’s Truths, gardening, jewelry making

I want you to know- Avid follower of Jesus Christ

What I do during the day- I spent 25+ years of accounting in Manufacturing, Restaurants, Mortgage Banking and Public Accounting for companies like Tavern Restaurant Group, J P Morgan Chase Bank (formerly American Savings Bank), Elmer Fox Westheimer, CPAs (now Grant Thornton).

  Nicole Burgess

Star Sign- Gemini

My life summarized as a tweet- “Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” #MarkTwain #BookLove #HappyLife.

Favorite Quote- “Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.” ― Alfred Tennyson

Hobbies- Married, 2 kids, Reading, Sleeping.

I want you to know- I visited London, and fell in love! I would love to live there, maybe one day…

What I do during the day- Accounts Payable.

What I used to do- 10+ years in Accounting and Administrative roles.


Bill Harvey

Star Sign- Don’t Panic

My life summarized as a tweet- I have never tweeted. I will never tweet.

Favorite Quote- or saying-  “I will burn that bridge down when I come to it”

Hobbies- walking; building models

I want you to know- less than me

What I do during the day- shipping and receiving

What I used to do- shipping and receiving; manufacturing

Find me online- that is not where you will find me