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About InfoCase, Inc.

Who exactly are we?

Companies are made of people, and the hard work we all put in every day is what makes our organizations great. In order to give you a better idea as to who you work with every day (and put a face with the name), we interviewed the team and below are their responses.

Executive Team

John Matthews

President, Majority Owner

John is a seasoned veteran with 20 years of industry experience, 14 of which have been with InfoCase, Inc.  In 2008, John became President and majority owner. Throughout his career, John has focused on building lifelong relationships and delivering solutions-based products. He has worked all along the technology spectrum, from large OEMs to third party organizations.

Prior to assuming an ownership role, Mr. Matthews held several positions within InfoCase; including Academic Sales Manager and Vice President of Sales/Marketing.

His previous experience includes retail and business-to-business management and development. Of particular note, John’s strategic roles have focused on mobile technology solution sales with the technology retailer, CompUSA. John leverages those experiences to lead the overall direction and operations at InfoCase. 

Steve Gibson

Sr. Vice President, Principal

Steve joined InfoCase, Inc. in 2002. He was recruited specifically to lead the formalized development of partner relationships and business development. Mr. Gibson brings nearly 40 years of experience in managing Sales and Operations.

Previously, he held positions as a multi-unit Regional Manager with Marshall's and Kinko’s as well as General Manager for CompUSA. When he took over Cincinnati CompUSA, it was a $35 Million operation. Under Steve’s leadership, the transformed organization experienced first year record sales and doubled annual net profits. Steve was then asked to craft a new role; National Director of Academic Laptop Initiatives and It was here that he established relationships with leading technology OEMS like IBM, HP, Toshiba and others.

Steve’s current responsibilities include Marketing, Business Development, and cultivating Strategic Relationships at multiple levels.