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InfoCase, Inc., maker of Toughmate

About Toughmate

InfoCase, Inc., maker of Toughmate, is a worldwide leading provider of productivity-enhancing computing solutions. Our Toughmate accessories are designed, manufactured and distributed exclusively for the Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpad.

Toughbook tested & Certified


We work with Panasonic Solutions Company North America and divisions all over the world as trusted partners. We also work directly with Panasonic design and production teams to develop cases and accessories customized to enhance customers' needs.

Toughmate accessories are always Toughbook Tested or Toughbook Certified. Our products go through Panasonic's rigorous testing prior to approval.

The ultimate goal of Toughmate accessories is to create a more efficient interface between technology and users.


We provide Always-On solutions as well as transportation, wearable and hygienic accessories for an enhanced level of safety and security. Further, by adding ease of use and ergonomic benefits, Toughmate users are more productive than ever with their state of the art technology.

Toughmate accessories are used in Automotive, Defense and Government, Education, Healthcare, SCM, Retail, Field and Food Service industries, among others. Ask your Panasonic Dealer about the appropriate Toughmate accessories for your project.