Toughmate T1 Pistol Grip Holster

Secure, portable, and ergonomic storage for the pistol scanning configuration of your T1 device.  Wearable with the belt or optional shoulder strap for left or right-handed use.

Designed to be used with your FZ-T1 device with Pistol Holster attachment, this lightweight and durable holster has a Velcro lined belt loop that pairs with the included belt so your holster and device stay exactly where you want them.  This holster can also be use with your personal belt and accommodates most size belts.  The elastic strap with silicone lining ensures the FZ-T1 device will stay securely in place.  This holster can be used with our optional Toughmate Mini Shoulder Strap attached to the D-rings on the sides of the holster.  This holster is compatible with both the FZ-T1 and FZ-F1/N1 devices, and accommodates all Toughmate hand straps that fit on FZ-T1 and FZ-F1/N1 devices.

PDF Specification - US
PDF Specification - EU


EU Part Number: PCPE-INFT1GH

Materials: Nylon, elastic, Velcro, acetal

List Price: $79.00

Weight (lbs): 6.7 oz

Dimensions (WxHxD inch): 4.25" x 6.75" x 2.3"

Warranty: One Year Limited. For details, click HERE.