Toughmate FZ-S1 Mobility Bundle

Featuring a quick release removable carry handle as well as a shoulder strap.  This accessory allows you to wear your FZ-S1 device for hands free functionality.

The Toughmate FZ-S1 Mobility Bundle is designed to make using your TOUGHBOOK FZ-S1 easier and more convenient.

The Mobility Bundle comes complete with a removable handle and ergonomic should strap. You can carry your device comfortably, while allowing easy access to all features, ports and cameras.

PAN NA Part Number:  IN-S1MBDL


Manufacturer Part Number: TBCS1MBBDL-P

Materials: Nylon, acetal, nylon cord

List Price: $39.00

Weight (lbs): 2 oz

Dimensions (WxHxD inch): 1" x 30" x 0.375

Max Dimensions: Max strap length 55"

Warranty: One Year Limited. For details, click HERE.