Toughmate FZ-N1            Enhanced Hand Strap

A robust elastic hand strap to keep your FZ-N1 secure in hand. Enjoy long lasting comfort and functionality by taking advantage of the replaceable elastic hand strap.

The Toughmate FZ-N1 Enhanced Hand Strap is considered the "best" option when considering good, better and best among our Toughmate N1 hand straps. The "best" represents the highest of quality, ergonomics and value for the price. The Enhanced Hand Strap keeps your device secure in hand and mobile while on the job. The symmetrical orientation works great for both left and right handed people. The Enhanced Hand Strap attached to both upper retention points on the F1/N1 device. The base is durable and built to last combined with adjustable elastic straps attached by using Velcro. The Velcro elastic strap can be quickly and easily replaced when old elastic wears out.

Accommodating the TOUGHBOOK F1/N1, the Toughmate Enhanced Hand Strap also includes a convenient stylus loop to hold up to a 3/8" diameter stylus. This product has passed the appropriate tests to qualify for the TOUGHBOOK Certified Status.

Toughmate FZ-N1 Enhanced Hand Strap Replacement Strap 2 Pack: $15.00 (US Part#TBCREFILL-F1EHS-P & EU Part#PCPE-INFF1S4)

PDF Specification - US
PDF Specification - EU

NA Part Number: TBCF1-EHS-P


Materials: Leatherette Vinyl Exterior, Elastic Webbing, Nylon Cord, Polypro Stiffener, Velcro

List Price: $29.00

Included Accessories: Replacement Strap 2 Pack: $15.00 USD (TBCREFILL-F1EHS-P)

Warranty: One Year Limited. For details, click HERE.

Weight (lbs): 0.8 oz

Dimensions (WxHxD inch): 2.25 X 4.5 X 0.5

Compatibility: DOES NOT accommodate Panasonic 5-Bay Charging Cradle