Toughmate FZ-F1 Holster

The TOUGHBOOK FZ-F1 Holster includes a belt or shoulder strap for hands-free mobile use.

The Toughmate FZ-F1 holster will keep your TOUGHBOOK FZ-F1 handy and ready for action with our proper device orientation and Silicon-backed retention strap. Belt loops with Velcro secures the holster to the included belt, or the D-rings accommodate the mini shoulder strap.

This holster allows even more versatility by including a stylus loop so you're always ready. The holster will accommodate the FZ-N1, an FZ-F1/N1 extended battery, and all Toughmate FZ-F1/N1 hand straps.

PDF Specification - US
PDF Specification - EU

NA Part Number: TBCF1HSTR-P

EU Part Number: PCPE-INFF1H1

Materials: Nylon Shell, Impact dissipating foam, Rigid poly core, Silicone backed elastic

List Price: $59.00

Included Accessories: Mini shoulder strap, Belt

Warranty: One Year Limited. For details, click HERE.

Weight (lbs): 0.8 oz

Dimensions (WxHxD inch): 4.0 x 6.5 x 2.25