• Streamlined Design for Ergonomic Comfort and Ease of Use

    Introducing the ModuFlex Platform for the TOUGHBOOK 55!

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  • Now Available!

    Introducing accessories for the new TOUGHBOOK A3!

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  • Now Available!

    New Always-On Case for the TOUGHBOOK 55!

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  • Back by Popular Demand!

    The TOUGHPAD FZ-G1 Mobility Bundle is back and now available!

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  • The TOUGHBOOK securely connects Centrica field engineers to what they need

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  • Increased Productivity and Protection

    Toughmate accessories for the TOUGHBOOK 33 now available!  Mobility Bundle compatible with most vehicle docks!

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  • Improved Ergonomics and Productivity 

    The highly versatile Rotating Hand Strap for the TOUGHBOOK 33!

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Helping you use your
productively ​and efficiently.

Helping you use your

productively ​and efficiently.

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Where We Come In
Toughmate accessories are used in automotive, defense and government, education, healthcare, SCM, retail, field and food service industries, and many others.

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Rotating Hand Straps
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What We Provide
We provide hands-free solutions as well as transportation, wearable and ergonomic benefits for an enhanced level of device safety and security. Further, by adding ease of use and device facilitation, Toughmate users are more productive than ever with their state of the art technology.

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