New A2 Toughmate FZ-Q1 Enhanced Rotating Hand Strap Toughmate G1 Mobility Bundle Toughmate 20 Always-On FZ-E1/X1 Holster Toughmate Worldwide

Mobility Anywhere

Our A2 accessories are now available for both Europe AND North America.

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Versatile Q2 Accessories

The Q2 is now available in North America and do more than ever; fitting both the Q1 and Q2 tablet.

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G1 Mobility Simplified

Use your G1 anywhere with our ergonomic, lightweight accessories.

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Ergonomically Designed

Functional in tablet or laptop mode, the Toughmate 20 Always-On improves ergonomics and increases productivity.

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Toughpad E1/X1 Accessories

Versatile tools that improve your ease of use.

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Available Worldwide

Wherever you find Toughbook and Toughpad, you can find Toughmate accessories. Ask your preferred dealer for more details on how you can enjoy the benefits of Toughmate too.

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Fun Facts According to VDC Research

Mobile device penetration among mobile workers will reach 50% globally by 2015. The installed base of smartphones, tablets, and specialized rugged devices among enterprise and government workers is expected to exceed 600 million units by 2015


Helping you use your Toughbook and Toughpad productively, efficiently.

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